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[Letter ca. 1915] January 5, Croton, N.Y. [to] Mr. Markham

Sinclair writes to Markham to thank him for sending material [Markham's works] and that he will return it after copying what he needs and will see that his copyrights are safeguarded. Markham wrote back on the bottom of same letter telling Sinclair…

[Letter] 1914 October 2 [to] Mr. Sinclair

Markham writes that he is in favor of protecting monuments and works of art from the Germans and will join in a committee to protest as long as half of the people on Sinclair's list will participate.

[Letter] 1910 May 26 [to] Mr. Sinclair

Markham encloses a letter that may serve in Sinclair's "Independent" article. He also enclosed a review that he wrote and says that he feels that moral purpose should not be pushed to "the front of the stage" at the cost of literary art.

[Letter] 1910 December 2, West New Brighton, N.Y. [to] Mr. Sinclair

Markham writes to say that he doesn't know about the Fred Warren case but that he will be willing to sign the proposal call if Sinclair thinks he should. Markham will also help Sinclair with the mass meeting at Carnegie Hall.

[Letter] 1911 October 6, West New Brighton, N.Y. [to] Comrade in this Long Battle

Markham writes to W.D.P. Bliss with a donation of money for the Christian Socialist cause. Mentions he has just sent $10 to Edward Ellis Carr and the "militant circle at Chicago". Markham also refers to a missing book of verse.

[Document] A Word at the Beginning

Markham writes an introduction for a new book of poetry by Ruth Le Prade [at her request; see Le Prade letters Dec. 17, 1915 and Mar. 10, 1916].

[Letter] 1939 April 29, Washington, D.C. [to] Edwin Markham

Abbott writes about how much he enjoyed an article in the Washington Post. Abbott also mentions how much he enjoys living in Washington D.C.

[Letter] 1907 January 31 [to] Mr. Markham

Sinclair continues to try to persuade Markham to join the Helicon Hall Colony. Sinclair encloses a prospectus for the Colony detailing current and future building plans.

[Letter] 1914 January 20 [to] Sir & Comrade

Vossburgh writes to Markham about arranging a few public affairs, informs Markham of who is involved with the Fellowship, and asks if Markham would be willing to speak at any of the functions.

[Letter] 1918 September 2 [to] Mr. Markham

Viereck provides Markham with the first annual report of the Agricultural and Industrial Labor Relief. Viereck writes about the financial and public hardhips facing the organization.