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[Document] A Word at the Beginning

Markham writes an introduction for a new book of poetry by Ruth Le Prade [at her request; see Le Prade letters Dec. 17, 1915 and Mar. 10, 1916].

[Letter ca. 1902] August 11 [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott writes that Carpenter has inquired about obtaining a copy of Markham's poems. Abbott encloses payment and also suggests sending autographed copies.

[Letter ca. 1902] June 12 [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott requests a portrait of Markham for his room.

[Letter ca. 1907] May 20, New York [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott thanks Markham for a poem sent to him, praises the poem for being the finest picture of modern Mammonism, and calls it a masterpiece. Abbott also praises Markham for standing by Herron in his time of need.

[Letter ca. 1915] January 5, Croton, N.Y. [to] Mr. Markham

Sinclair writes to Markham to thank him for sending material [Markham's works] and that he will return it after copying what he needs and will see that his copyrights are safeguarded. Markham wrote back on the bottom of same letter telling Sinclair…

[Letter ca. April 1]

Bliss sends notice calling for a meeting of the Christian Socialist Fellowship in order to create a New York Branch.

[Letter to] Comrade

Moseley writes a form letter asking for help increasing the readership of the Christian Socialist and the membership the Socialist Party.

[Letter, ca. 1907 February 26], [to] Mr. Markham, West New Brighton, Staten Island

Abbott expresses disappointment with Markham for missing a Socialist meeting in Monroe. Abbott describes the meeting and its events including an ensemble piece by Earle. Abbott mentions literature sent to Markham, including "Tennyson" and "Shelley"…

[Letter] [to] Friend

Sinclair writes about his upcoming book "Jimmie Higgins" and details about it being published, along with prices and other information. He includes reviews of "Jimmie Higgins" and "The Profits of Religion".

[Letter] [to] Mr. Markham

Katherine Meserole writes asking Markham to speak at a meeting at the Civitas Club, discusses the program, and suggests Mrs. Markham attend also.