[Letter] 1896 June 20, Boston [to] Sir


[Letter] 1896 June 20, Boston [to] Sir


Maurice, Frederick Denison, 1805-1872
Kingsley, Charles, 1819-1875
Ludlow, John Malcolm Forbes, 1821-1911
Brent, Charles Henry, 1862-1929


Bliss writes to Markham about various Socialist writings and their availability.


Bliss, William Dwight Porter, 1856-1926


Edwin Markham Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


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241 Tremont St., Boston
June 20/96.
Mr. C. E. Markham.
Dear Sir,
Pray pardon delay in attending to your letter. It was owing to a process of rearrangement and moving of our tracts which made some of them inaccessible. Even now we can find no copies of Impossibilities of Anarchism remaining, and so enclose 5¢ in stamps. You will be able to obtain the tract from the Fabian Society. (276 Strand, London S.W.) The other tracts we sent yesterday.
I know of no English translation of any of L_______ (?) works except the two you mention. Do not think there is any other.
Maurice’s social writings are very hard to get now-a-days. I hardly know just where they could be got. They are such as Social Morality, The Kingdom of Christ, Christian Socialism, The Life of Maurice, which is accessible, will give you details.
As to Chas. Kingsley, his principal social writings are Yeast and Alton Locke still sold by publishers. In some later editions of Alton Locke is imprinted his “Cheap Clothes and Nasty” (Parson Lit) which was the first of the Tracts on Christian Socialism.
You will find in the “Atlantic Monthly” of Jan. 1896 a good article on the Christian Socialist Movement of the Middle of the Century, by Ludlow, one of the survivors of the movement. There is an excellent tract, “The Spirit and Work of the Early Christian Socialists,” by the Rev. C.H. Brent recently published by the Church Social Union, Boston, 22 pp, - (we have it, price 10¢). It deals principally with Maurice and Kingsley.
Trusting this meager information may be of some service to you.
I remain, very truly yours,
W.D.P. Bliss

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