[Letter] 1895 June 1 [to] Markham


[Letter] 1895 June 1 [to] Markham


Brown, Charles Oliver.
Knapp, Adeline, 1860-1909
Poulson, Edna Snell
The Arena (Boston, MA)


Herron asks for Markham's assistance in defending his name against Dr. Brown.


Herron, George Davis, 1862-1925


Edwin Markham Archive, Horrmann Library




Wagner College, Staten Island, NY


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June 1, 1895
Prof. C. E. Markham,
Dimond, Alameda Co. Cal.
My dear Friend Markham:-
I write to ask you for a service—not for myself as an individual, but only for myself as a witness for a divine order of things than that in which we live. I find that Dr. Brown -- backed by a Standard Oil man and a Southern pacific man I am told -- has begun a most systematic campaign against me. They have established an office, employed a secretary, and are sending broadcast over the country personal letters and circulars containing the most shameless misrepresentations of my work in California. Every religious organization in the land, Y.M.C.A.’s, churches of every denomination, all Christian workers, are being flooded with these circulars, as are also the leading newspapers in large cities. They of course take up the matter and spread it. Neither time nor expense will be spared to push this matter, and what little can be done to offset it should be done at once. Now, cannot you or Miss Knapp or Miss Poulsor, or all of you together, prepare a comprehensive article on this whole situation, pointing out Dr. Brown’s utter wresting and perverting of my words, in every sense of the word, his unblushing misrepresentations and falsifying, and telling the actual story of my work, in an article for “The Arena?” It would really be of great service at this time, in view of the way in which things are being turned against me in monopolistic and theological circles. I am looking for you at the Retreat. I hope you will not fail. My heart goes out to you in great love and fellowship.
Faithfully yours:-
George D. Herron

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