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[Letter] 1904 September 15, New York [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott discusses a possible brief visit to Markham. Abbott also expresses his interest in Markham's articles in the Homiletic Review.

[Letter] 1901 September 29, New York [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott states disappointment with LeGallienne's poem for the first issue of The Comrade. Used Markham's poem in its place; enclosed $10 payment. Abbott also expresses displeasure with the first issue due to various obstacles.

[Letter] 1926 June 15, New York City [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott discusses the creation of a new monthly magazine: The Square Dealer: A Champion of Justice and the People's Rights. Requests a key-note poem from Markham and names other authors sending in material on various topics including the…

[Letter] 1931 January 15, Bronx, New York City [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott thanks Markham for a letter and poems, including those inscribed for Rev. Leon Rosser Land, leader of the Bronx Free Fellowship. Abbott also writes of the death of his wife, which was a release from her affliction [multiple sclerosis].

[Letter] 1916 February 15, New York City [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott writes about a possible visit to Markham. Abbott writes about his involvement with the Ferrer Center in New York City, the first Modern School, and the Ferrer Colony in Stelton, New Jersey. Abbott writes about his wife and children, a son…

[Letter, ca. 1907 February 26], [to] Mr. Markham, West New Brighton, Staten Island

Abbott expresses disappointment with Markham for missing a Socialist meeting in Monroe. Abbott describes the meeting and its events including an ensemble piece by Earle. Abbott mentions literature sent to Markham, including "Tennyson" and "Shelley"…

[Letter] 1932 April 21, Bronx, New York City [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott references articles about Markham in the "Journal" and the "Herald Tribune", commends Markham's address at the funeral of Daniel Murphy, and expresses regret at missing a Socialist meeting due to a prior engagement.

[Letter] New York [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott writes to reschedule a meeting with Markham and Kirkpatrick.

[Letter] 1902 January 24, N.Y. [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott praises Markham's latest book of poems and mentions Herron and his satisfaction with Markham's book as well. Abbott writes about spending less time working on "The Comrade" and that Spargo will be taking over as editor. Abbott will spend more…

[Letter] 1901 August 6, New York [to] Mr. Markham

Abbott writes about starting "The Comrade" and asks Markham for a poem for the first issue. Abbott also writes about his holiday spent in the Adirondacks, Chicago, Buffalo, and at the Indianapolis Socialist Convention.