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[Letter] 1899 July 6, Niagara Falls [to] Comrade

Herron informs Markham he has sent letters of introduction on his behalf.

[Letter] 1899 July 6 [to] Woods[?]

Herron writes a letter of introduction for Markham to Woods[?].

[Letter] 1899 July 6, Grinnell, Iowa [to] Mrs. Deland

Herron writes a letter of introduction for Markham to Mrs. Deland.

[Letter] 1899 July 18 [to] Prof. Markham

Debs praises Markham for his work.

[Letter] 1899 September 19 [to] friend

Herron writes to Markham asking for his opinion on a piece of his writing.

[Letter] 1899 October 10 [to] Markham

Herron writes requesting Markham to come and lecture at Iowa College.

[Letter] 1899 September 24 [to] beloved comrade

Herron writes to Markham informing him of his upcoming travel plans. Herron also supplies Markham with a list of recommended reading to help Markham speak and arouse the public.

[Letter] 1899 October 24 [to] comrade

Herron writes to Markham discussing possible dates for his visit and lecture at Iowa College.

[Letter] 1899 December 26, Grinnell, Ia. [to] Comrade

Herron sends a copy of his work to Markham. Herron also requests Markham's presence at a conference.

[Letter] 1900 January 13, Brooklyn [to] Mr. Markham

Meserole writes to Markham about speaking at an upcoming meeting. Meserole also thanks Markham for a book of poems.