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[Letter] 1894 April 29, Austin, Texas [to] Friend

Wheelock sends Markham copies of a few of his sermons; Wheelock also mentions various movements and social issues.

[Letter] 1894 May 24, Austin, Texas [to] Mr. Markham

Wheelock writes to Markham to inform him that he sent the publications requested and also thanks Markham for the notes and materials he sent.

[Note] 1895 April 9, Roslindale [to] Sir

Bliss writes Markham that all those active in social reform will be included in the Encyclopedia.

[Letter] 1895 June 1 [to] Markham

Herron asks for Markham's assistance in defending his name against Dr. Brown.

[Letter] 1896 January 29, Boston [to] Sir & Brother

Bliss writes to Markham telling of his success with The Dawn and also of his mission work which needs constant support and requests any contribution Markham could provide.

[Letter] 1896 June 20, Boston [to] Sir

Bliss writes to Markham about various Socialist writings and their availability.

[Letter] 1898 April 21, Grinnell, Iowa [to] Comrade

Herron writes to Markham about the role of the individual's personality in terms of universal harmony and common good.

[Letter] 1899 April 27, Austin, Texas [to] Brother

Wheelock thanks Markham for the poems and writes about the injustice done to Blacks in Texas, and about the end of the world.

[Letter] 1899 May 7 [to] Sir

Mailloux writes to Markham praising his poem "The Man With The Hoe" and telling of how her brother used it in his remarks before the Nineteenth Century Club.

[Letter] 1899 May 13, Grinnell, Iowa [to] Markham

Herron writes to Markham expressing gratitude for his friendship.